I would like you to add wallets of known crypto currency such as
– Ethereum
– Bitcoin
For exchanging them for Fiat or vice versa
“I understand that this technology is very complicated, but I would like to change and buy a well-known crypto currency by changing your means
The world is changing every day and you probably understand this perfectly, marching with the technologies in one leg You give the world a new product and use, I know that you are a sponsor in the movement as an exchanger when the fiat enters the stock exchange crypto currency
I would like to see your token in the near future being a crypto currency and entering it on the stock exchange, I understand it is very difficult, but it would move you far ahead, I think having such technology and exchange on the exchange of your product “Visa Wallet” could call itself a blockchain Platform and this would already be a new level
P.S. To be the first one you need to go with technology in the foot

Ответ QIWI

Thank you! We publish your idea.

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